Mrs. Janelle Graham

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Mrs. Graham can easily be reached at and will happily answer any inquiries about the music program at Masters.


This is Ms. Sollenberger's 17th year of working for OPS, and her 10th year as the music teacher at Masters.  She is the accompanist for the OPS Mini Singers, as well as a proud mother of two.  She plays piano, violin, and harp, as well as a number of percussion instruments, and loves to sing.  


Music is a field that brims with a wealth of subject matter.  Not only do we sing, we learn about history, theory, science, world cultures, math, and composition.  Music also cultivates teamwork, listening skills, reading skills, writing skills, self-discipline, etiquette, and confidence.  This can all be done with a healthy dose of fun, as we dance and play instruments and experiment with rhythms.  I personally emphasize the importance of listening and being kind and respectful to one another.  We have wonderful students at Masters, and my goal is to give them a well-rounded positive experience in music.




Ms. Sollenberger is at Masters all day on cycle days 2/7, 4/9, and 5/10.