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Band Lessons at Masters

Welcome to my webpage! I am excited you have chosen to visit and learn more about band lessons at Masters... please feel free to explore this webpage to find out more about band lessons. The overview of band lessons document at the bottom of the page explains in detail the concepts that are taught at Masters in elementary band lessons. The calendar to the right shows the days there are band lessons at Masters. Please refer back to it often as I typically update the calendar at the beginning of each month. 

If you have any questions, concerns or you are just curious about your child's musical experience in band lessons, feel free to contact me at any time! My contact information is in the box at the top of this page...

Mr. Cosby

Masters Band Announcements

Welcome back from Winter Break!

I hope you all had a relaxing and safe winter break with your friends and family! Now that we are back at school it is time for band students to begin practicing as well. It is common during this time of year that students lose motivation. The "newness" has worn off at this point and band students often lose focus in January and February. However, there are many tricks you can use to motivate your student to practice. Below are just a few of my favorite ideas:

--M & M Game: start with 10 M & Ms on your kitchen counter (you can substitute any candy or food that your child enjoys). Every time your child plays the agreed upon line, song or small part of a song correctly, you move one M & M to a bowl for them to eat after they are done practicing. Every time they do NOT play it correctly, you move one M & M to your bowl. This will start out rough with you eating a lot of M & Ms! But it will get better quickly, to the point that you will hardly be eating any M & Ms within just a few practice sessions.

--Great Race Game: decide before hand on the line, song or small part of a song that your child will focus on for this game. Next, roll a dice- whatever the dice says is the number of points your child is playing for. If your child plays the agreed upon music perfectly, they get the points. If your child makes any mistakes, you get the points. Then, roll the dice again. The first person who gets to 30 is the winner!

--Staff Wars Game: Want to make practicing playing accurate notes more fun for your child? Use some technology with the Staff Wars performance app! It is easy to use- just set the instrument that is appropriate for your child, set the key to Bb and adjust the speed to make it challenging for your child. Then hit start and away they go! I guarantee that your child will spend at least 10 minutes attempting to "win" the game... and that is 10 minutes more of practice that they would NOT have done before! My suggestion is to use the Staff Wars game as a reward: once your child has completed their 15-20 minutes of practice they can play the Staff Wars game. Note that you must allow this app to use your microphone so it can "hear" your child play the notes. This app can be downloaded for iOS or android devices at:  

Band students should focus their practice on pages 12-14 in their Sound Innovations book. These pages enforce the new notes we learned right before winter break, as well as introduce new musical vocabulary. Most students find the songs on these pages more challenging but also fun to play! Student should begin each practice session with the Band Warm up, Version 2.0. This warm up page contains all of the skills they will use to play the music in the Sound Innovations book. 

With all of the above things to learn, band student should be practicing at home at least 15 minutes each day. The next practice check day is scheduled for Friday, January 25th. This means the instrument needs to go home after band lesson days and come back to school again on the next band lesson day. Masters provides shelves in the main hallway for band instrument storage during the school day. Band students should place their instruments on these shelves (smaller instrument on the top/larger instrument on the bottom) and NOT in their classrooms. Band students should also make sure to bring their book (Sound Innovations), a pencil, and their band folder every day. 

Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you have about band lessons- my contact information is in the box on the left of this page.

Mr. Cosby

Masters Band Documents

 Title Description
Band Registration FormDownloadPlease fill out and return this form to school if you would like your child to be in band this year at Masters.
Band Schedule/CalendarDownloadThis calendar will help students remember when to bring their instruments to school. Students also keep track of their practice time on this calendar.
Overview of Band LessonsDownloadThis document describes the basic concepts that are taught in the elementary band program at Masters Elementary.
REMIND InvitationDownloadThis letter explains how to receive text and/or email reminders to help you and your student remember when to bring their instrument to school. This is the best way to never forget your instrument at home!
The Principal's Own Band Achievement ProgramDownloadThis document explains the details about the Principal's Own Band Achievement Program.
The Principal's Own Rank Advancement ChartDownloadThis is the chart where band students will keep track of their progress toward becoming a Sergeant Major!
1st Quarter Band NotesDownloadThis letter was sent home with students on Monday, Oct. 15th and gives details about what we are doing now in band and what is coming up in the future.

What to Practice at Home...


  1. Breathing/Sizzle Exercises (use metronome)- 1 minute.
  2. Assemble Instrument/quality sound on entire instrument (use metronome)- 1-2 minutes.
  3. WARM-UP: Band Warm-up Version 2.0 - 2-4 minutes.
  4. REVIEW: Sound Innovations book, pg.10 & 11 (use metronome)- 5-7 minutes.
  5. FOCUS: Sound Innovations book, pg. 12 (use metronome)- 5-7 minutes. Pay attention: can you recognize and play the low Concert A? What does division and unison mean? What is a key signature? Use your flash cards if you are struggling reading the notes!
  6. RANK ADVANCEMENT: Where are you at for rank advancement? Find your chart and make sure to practice whatever song you need to move forward in rank. 2-4 minutes.
  7. WRITTEN ACTIVITIES: No written activities as of 1-7-2019.
  8. QUIZ: all students will play for a grade a song off page 11. This quiz will be over #35, #38 or #39. Please prepare all 3 songs as you won't know which tune I will choose for the quiz before hand! This quiz will take place on Monday, January 14th.
  9. Clean instrument/put instrument safely away in case- 1 minute

          TOTAL PRACTICE TIME = 17-25 minutes.