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Douglas Smith is a returning veteran art teacher with Omaha Public Schools, having taught at both McMillan Magnet Center and Omaha North High Magnet School, as well as other districts across the state of Nebraska. Not only is Mr. Smith an experienced educator, he is also a professional artist who's specialties include wheel thrown/hand-built creamics, illustration, and public murals. Currently, Mr. Smith serves the Omaha Public School system as a traveling Visual Arts Specialist with his schedule being devided between Masters Elementary and Adams Elementary schools.

At home, Mr. Smith and his wife Crystal are raising six children (ages range from 8 to 18 years) and a large dog (she is only two years old). The Smith family enjoys vegatable gardening, camping, and many other outdoor activities.


Mr. Smith began his career as an visual arts educator after graduating from Peru State College. He later studied Graphic Design and Advertising at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and completed his Masters degree at the University of Nebraska - Omaha.


As a traveling visual arts specialist, Mr. Smith has a split schedule. Masters Elementary in the afternoon on cycle days 1 and 6, and all day on days 2 and 7 as well as 5 and 10. The remaining days and two mornings are at Adams Elementary school.