Attendance makes a difference! 

The single most important factor contributing to student achievement is school attendance.  Students must be in school to be successful. (Journal of Ed. Research, Vol. 89, No. 3.)

Did you know that students who attend school regularly...

•    are more involved in school activities?
•    have higher test scores?
•    feel safer?
•    maintain healthy friendships?
•    are less inclined to participate in at-risk behaviors?
•    are more likely to graduate?
•    are more likely to attend college?
What can parents do?
•    Start the night before.  Assist your child with homework assignments and sign the necessary forms.
•    Establish a bedtime routine that is appropriate to the age of the child.
•    Have breakfast foods available or take advantage of the free breakfast offered at school each day.
•    Role model being on time, being prepared and having a positive attitude about work.
•    Should attendance problems occur, contact Mrs. Hervert, Masters school counselor, to develop a plan to resolve the issue.  
What can students do?
•     Complete homework assignments the evening before school.
•    Set an alarm clock and allow enough time for breakfast.
•    Decide what to wear and lay it out for the next day.
•    Place jacket and backpack by the door that will be used in the morning. 
•    Have a positive attitude for school the next day.