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Hello! I am Miss Roth! This is my fourth year at Masters Elementary, and my eighth year with Omaha Public Schools. Altogether l have been teaching for 16 years. Prior to moving to Masters, I taught at Harrison Elementary in their Behavior Skills classroom, as well as the Residental Treatment Center at Immanuel as an educational therapist.

The Behavior Skills program at Masters Elementary focuses interventions on the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students while providing instruction to support the students participation and progress in the general curriculum. Social skills instruction is provided daily in my classroom, as well as coping strategies and the skills necessary for problem solving. My classroom environment is structured for optimal success with high expectations for my students. Students in the BSP classroom receive the same academic instruction that would be received in a regular education setting, but are provided additional support, while being mainstreamed as often as possible.

I look forward to working with and getting to know each of my students and building a collaborative partnership with their families. Please feel free to contact me at school should you have any questions or concerns!

 Miss Roth

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